Granite America Cincinnati has beautiful white stones for kitchen countertops

Granite America just received a large selection of new stones. A trend in granite recently has been the light on light coloring, a very monochromatic feel. With this look we have gorgeous stones to help get this desired look. Royal Colonial White is a gorgeous stone that has flecks of garnet in the stone. This stone’s background is almost as white as granite comes. With the white background it looks beautiful on white cabinets. That gives the white on white look many people are going for.

Many people also look for a contrast to the cabinets to help make the room look lighter. Having the white countertops makes rooms look lighter and also gives a great contrast to darker cabinets. The Royal Colonial White stone is beautiful with black cabinets, any color wood cabinets and also white cabinets. The neutrality of the stone makes it easy to pick or change the paint color, backsplash, and flooring. Having a neutral stone is great when trying to sell a home.

Many people say that the Kitchen sells the home. Having a neutral stone like the Royal Colonial White potential homeowners will be able to see the potential and decorating options that would be available. The white stones give any kitchen a nice clean, crisp look. Whether you are going for a light on light look or more if a contrast the Royal Colonial White is a stone you can use to help lighten up the area and give it the look you want.