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Granite America contributes to the Phoenix House

University of Louisville students build a solar powered house called the Phoenix House. It’s a permanent solution for disaster relief housing and is designed to be quickly deployed and assembled while preserving a high standard of living. The inspiration for the Phoenix House came from the devastation wreaked by the tornadoes that tore through Southern Indiana and Eastern Kentucky in March 2012. Several team members had family and friends affected by the storms. Granite America decided to contribute because of 3 themes that are displayed in the construction of the Phoenix House:

  1. Quick delivery and installation
  2. High durability and low maintenance
  3. A unique and personal touch

Granite America provided the kitchen counter top (Green Chiffon) and the vanity top (Milky Way Island).



Granite America was contacted by Tim Licenski and after that initial contact, Zack Kendall (the Architect) chose the colors for the countertops. Will Coffey templated both tops.

In the video (link below) you can see the project manager Kelsey King. We wish the University of Louisville all the best in the competition!

About the Phoenix House:
“The Phoenix House numbers among 20 international teams that qualified for the competition. At the Solar Decathlon, the house will be judged by its architecture, market appeal, affordability, efficiency and other measures. Phoenix House is designed to produce at least 20 percent more energy than it consumes per year. The team achieved this by equipping the house with an array of solar panels on its angled roof, to produce electricity, along with highly efficient heating, cooling and insulation to reduce demand.”


Article 1: More information on the Phoenix House with a nice video.

Article 2: The homepage of the Phoenix House

Video: The latest Update from the Phoenix House


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