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Granite America Frequently Asked Questions at Cincinnati

Hi there, my name is Shannon and I work at the amazing Granite America in Cincinnati! I am the one answering your calls, helping you pick the right stone, and supporting you until the job is complete. We are located right outside Wyoming at 111 Terrace Drive. I would love to help you make your kitchen, bathroom, bar, or any other project a unique reflection of you! Granite is a beautiful and special stone, and it is a perfect way to spice up any room.

I would like to make myself available to all of you curious shoppers, so here are the answers to our top 10 FAQ:

Where are you located and how do I get there?

Our address is 111 Terrace Drive, Cincinnati Ohio 45215. We are right outside the Wyoming town limit.

From 75S, take exit 10B for East Galbraith and take a right on Vine. Follow that until it becomes Springfield Pike. You will see Subway on your right and then a 5/3 Bank on your left. We are directly across from the bank; turn right immediately after the State Farm office, down to the end of Terrace Drive.

From 75N, take exit 14 for the Glendale Milford exit, and take a left onto Springfield Pike. You will pass Wyoming Recreation Center on your left and then a 5/3 Bank. We are directly across from the bank; turn left right before the State Farm office, down to the end of Terrace Drive.

What are your hours?

The Cincinnati location is open weekdays (Monday-Friday) 8:30-4:30. We are also open on Saturday to accommodate your busy schedule, 10:00-2:00.

What should I bring when I visit your location?

You should bring a sketch of your project with measurements of the outermost dimensions of your cabinetry or current countertops. You should mark where the sink, dishwasher, and stove are; this helps me to give you the most accurate square footage. This is a good example:


You should also bring a cabinet door and/or a piece of flooring, or take a picture of the room with your phone. These are definitely not as necessary as the drawing and measurements, but they can be a big help when deciding which stone to choose.

Do you have ____ stone in stock?

The easiest answer: Yes, most likely. Often times, customers get stuck on a specific name of a piece they might have seen a year ago. I understand that sometimes having the name of the stone can be helpful, but most of the time it ends up being a curse in disguise, and you may find yourself limiting your options because of it. We probably have the stone you like, with the same color pattern and vein structure, but it might have a different name. Each bundle we receive has a new name, so don’t get caught up in it. My advice is to let yourself fall in love with the rock, not the specific name.

How does your process work?

You will come in to Granite America in Cincinnati, and see my smiling face first thing. I will get to know you a little better to get a feel for your style and your goals of the project, and then I will lead you through the granite slab yard. Once you pick the stone you love, you will pay 50% of your quoted price. The other 50% will be paid at installation. While you’re still in my office, I will schedule your template; the template is our best installers come to your house and measure everything perfectly. Then our trusted fabricators will cut and polish your granite in our own shops to ensure the highest quality in every process. You will know exactly how much you owe us before we install in your home, so you won’t get any “surprises” on your bill after the job is complete.

When can Granite America come out to measure my project?

This answer is dependent on you. Once I receive the initial 50% deposit, I can schedule your template.

Why granite (and not quartz, marble, or laminate)?

Granite is simply a stronger stone. It is resistant to heat, and is a durable surface, which is best for the kitchen where most of the foot traffic in a home happens. Marble is not the same as granite, although many people tend to use these terms interchangeably. Marble is more expensive and more delicate; marble will scratch and stain simply because it is not as hardy as granite. Quartz is a man-made material created in a lab, made from compressing different types of rocks (granite, marble, soapstone, and limestone), and is more expensive than granite. Quartz is more consistent in pattern, which means you are not getting as unique of a kitchen as if you use granite.

Can you give me an estimate over the phone?

It depends. If you have all the information I need, I can. But often times this is not the case, which is absolutely fine. It is best if you come into the store so I can give you a quote while you’re here, and you can look at the stones while you’re here too. You can also email me ([email protected]) a drawing (see #3) and tell me if and where you want backsplash, and if you have a slide-in or cooktop range. It’s that easy.

Can I pick my own slab?

We encourage you to do so. Not only do you pick your own slab, you do your own layout too. You will come to the slab yard and lay out your templates on the stone after we have completed your template; this is when you get to choose which parts of the stone you want to keep, and which you want to omit. You won’t find such personalization at any other granite company.

Who will be coming into my home?

Our very best installers will come to your home and treat it like their own. They have 40+ years of experience combined, and I promise you are in good hands.

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