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Granite America uses full 3cm stones and WE DON’T LAMINATE OUR EDGES!!!

Granite America uses full 3cm (1 inch and quarter) stone to make our countertops. WE DO NOT LAMINATE OUR EDGES!!!

Do not confuse edge lamination to laminate countertops! Laminate countertops are the things that we rip out to put in beautiful granite. This blog relates to what some of our competitors do to unknowing customers.

What is lamination? Lamination is gluing a piece of stone underneath another to give it an illusion of being thick. It is simply an illusion.

The problem with laminated edges on granite countertops is that it is very complicated and most people simply don’t do it right. There is a very prominent seam in the piece. Please take a look below.

Laminated Edges with its problems

Laminated Edges with its problems

This seam can also come apart in time. Most companies don’t use the right glue. It is important to use a strong epoxy but most companies uses a form of polyester glue that adheres much faster than real epoxy. If the countertop is made for outside use, the sun deteriorates the glue even faster.

If you are buying countertops, you have to be careful about laminated edges. We DO NOT LAMINATE our edges. We use 3cm material so we don’t have to make the edges look bigger. They already look great.

Some of our competitors, especially granite companies in Lexington, KY don’t let their customers know what they are doing. At Granite America, you can see our 3cm slabs before you buy!

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