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What makes buying Granite America’s granite countertops and experience different from a big box store?

At Granite America you will be rewarded with a customer experience unlike any other for countertops.  When choosing a granite countertop company you want a personalized experience with people you will be able to build a relationship with during the entire process. The biggest complaints at a big box store usually come from its countertops department. The big box store subcontracts out their installations. We don’t!

That is why our prices are typically much lower than that of a big box store. Our stone goes from the quarry to us and then your home. There is no middle man.

At Granite America, you will work one on one with an interior designer to help you create your dream project and will watch your dream become a reality every step of the way. Our templaters come to your house and make physical templates of your new countertops and work with you to create your customized look. After templating you will be able to come back down to our showroom to layout your kitchen on your desired stone. With the expertise of our staff you will pick the areas of your stone that you want to capture for your countertops ensuring that your countertop is one of a kind. Most big box stores let you simply pick from a small sample and you hope and pray your kitchen looks like that sample. Samples are not the best representation of a stone since granite is a natural product that has variations between each piece, so being able to hand select the exact stone for your installation is a luxury not offered by most.

Through this entire process you will become familiar with the installation crew and even see where the countertops are fabricated daily. Your countertops are fabricated in our state of the art facilities. Some big box stores contract out to tradesman that have a shop in their garage where quality is not a standard and cannot be maintained.

We want our customers to be comfortable with all of our team members because we appreciate you allowing us into your homes and letting us serve you. At Granite America we leave with not only one of kind, beautiful new countertops but a great experience every step of the way.

Designers here at Granite America

Designers here at Granite America


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