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Granite America on My Southern Home

This video is from our booth at the Home and Garden Show in Louisville, KY. It gives you more information about our company.

This video is also from a Home and Garden show that talks about the 5 things customers need from a countertop company.

The following video tells you how we make a wonderful sink installation because we don't just glue it up. Most of our competitors just glue their sinks, and it is not a good day if your sink falls down. Granite America undermounts sinks with a mechanical harness ensuring a perfect sink installation.

(video to be replaced soon)

The following video tells us more about the history of granite counter tops courtesy of the Marble Institute of America.

Disclaimer: The promotions in the video below expired in 2011.

This video tells us about Apollo White a stone that we have in all of our locations. Its predominantly a white stone with black movement. Its perfect for people that are looking for a marble look.

This is a video spotlight about Silver Pearl. Silver Pearl is perfect for many types of cabinets but white cabinets really pull out the stones' pearls. This stone is sometimes called Steel Grey but it is absolutely gorgeous.

This is a video spotlight of our exotic stone called Ivory Coast. Ivory Coast is perfect for many types of cabinets but the stone is often used with cherry cabinets. This stone is absolutely gorgeous.


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