Why buy from Granite America in Louisville (KY) ?

As a buyer, you want:

1. The best stone for your home or project.
2. The lowest price possible for the stone picked.
3. An awesome installation experience.
4. The ability to compare a few companies to make a wise decision.
5. Great people to work with so the experience is fun and enjoyable.
6. A good investment to increase value along with the enjoyment of living with beautiful countertops.

In this article, I (Kartik Kamat) am going to tackle these 6 homeowner goals in a purchasing decision. I want to give you the reason to visit Granite America so we can serve you.

1. We have the biggest selection in town for granite countertops. We directly procure our stone from the quarry, so we can handpick the stones. We also procure quartz for other suppliers. We bring this our engineered stone (quartz) from Samsung (like the technology company with awesome quality) in South Korea, and they are known to create the best engineered stone in the world.

2. Middlemen = Costs. We have no middlemen. Every time a middleman touches the stone, there is a markup added to your cost. So who touches the stone?

a. The quarries who make big blocks.
b. Slab production companies who cut big blocks into big slabs and polish them.
c. The Procurer or Importer – Who brings in slabs into the United States.
d. The Slab Warehouse – Who displays slabs closer to you.
e. The Fabricator – Who cuts slab to the size of your countertop and polishes the edges.
f. The Installer – The guys and gals who put the countertops into your home.

At Granite America, we are the entire supply chain. We take care of the granite from the quarries to the great relationships with installations from our own trucks. In Louisville, there is no one that has a similar supply chain. Therefore, we can offer the best price.

3. Experience + Focus(Niche) = Good Installs
At Granite America we focus on countertop installs. Our install teams have years of experience. Our teams do 2 to 3 installs a day and have done so for years. That means they are very good at what they do. Most companies try to work with cabinets, roofing and countertops. This means that their teams are not as specialized. We focus on one thing: giving you the best in the business.

4. Does Home Depot or Lowes install countertops?
No, they sell countertops and they subcontract their installs.

Does Company B carry their own slabs?
No, they buy their slabs from Company C. If your sink run breaks and Company C doesn’t have the slabs, Company B disappears.

At Granite America, we have the slabs. We make the countertops and we install them. So if something were to go wrong, we can make it right. So how do you compare this to the other companies? The best way is to make sure they have the slabs, they make their own countertops, and will stand behind their product. From quarry to installation to questions, we are here to help you from the beginning. To answer the question, I don’t think we can be compared.

5. When you walk into our facility, we get up and greet you. Our intentions are to help you. There are many companies that are known to be “snotty” and Granite America is not one of them. At Granite America, we treat our customers the way we would want to be treated. When it comes to picking out a stone, we do our best to guide you to the best color choices. If you have a budget, we will guide you to the stones at the desired price point. As the only granite company in Old Louisville we serve both Louisville, southern Indiana, and we don’t mind traveling to our customers.

6. The focal point of most homes is the kitchen. The surface that is seen and judged are the countertops. Should it be attractive? Yes. Does it have the functionality of being scratch resistant, heat resistant, and stain resistant? Granite does, and that’s what we’re known for. Is it a good investment? We have heard countless stories of homes sitting on the market until the countertop update and, boom, sold. I believe that it gives a 2x to 10x boost. That’s right, a 3k investment giving a 6k to 30k boost in the value of the home! Louisville, which has a diverse economic base has always been a fair market for housing and condominiums

I want to invite you down to our facility and take a look. I hope you enjoyed this article and your comments and questions are welcome!