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Granite America is one of the largest granite companies in the region with four locations, spanning three states, with expansion goals. We planted our roots in Louisville, Kentucky over 15 years ago.

Our experience goes beyond manufacturing. Granite America has been a fabricator to major home improvement chains, and has extensive knowledge and experience in granite importing and mining.

You, our valued customer, will benefit from our granite tradition.
At Granite America, there are no middlemen involved. Our stones are directly imported, and all products are handcrafted right here at our shop. We hand pick each stone and bring them to our locations here in America. Our stones come from Brazil, Africa, India, Norway, Italy, and many other countries.

We strive to attain customer satisfaction. Our doors are always open, and we are more than happy to answer any and all inquiries to help you make your countertop decision, and guide you throughout the process.

We offer a high-quality product, with excellent customer service, at a low price.

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