We exist to make countertops Better! Faster! Cheaper!

Granite America is one of the largest countertop companies in the region with seven showrooms, spanning four states and expansion goals.

Granite America Louisville Location
Indianpolis Location

We planted our roots in Louisville, Kentucky over 20 years ago.

We are good combination of direct importers and fabricators. This niche combination worked out nicely and that is why we are successful. We directly import from over 37 different countries, bringing in a variety of unique colors and grains from different parts of the world. This allows us to offer several exotic stones that are not easily found. This gives us a wonderful advantage, as we can provide you with a wide selection of truly inspirational colors sent directly from it's quarry.

We have no middlemen. Our shops are local. You know exactly who is making the granite countertop. Going straight to our customers without the middlemen means a lower price for our customer. Without middlemen we can provide a better product, service, and a quality product.

You, our valued customer, will benefit from our business model and value proposition. Our stones are directly procured and imported directly from the quarry, and all our granite countertops are fabricated(manufactured) locally. We hand pick each stone and bring them to our locations here in America. Our stones come from here in the United States, Brazil, Africa, India, Norway, Italy, and 37 other countries.

We have the best granite colors from around the world. Due to this access, we make countertops for kitchens, bathrooms, bars, other surfaces. We believe that we are the best in the world at making countertops because we love what do. We provide a great remodeling experience!

Our staff will educate you on granite and how to care and clean the stone. People come to Granite America because of our focus on countertops. Our interior designers and other sales staff will help you pick out a stone. We go above and beyond our competition! With Granite America, there is no hidden fees. We give you the real price up front and we tend to be the best value in town!

We are active in the Home Builders Association in each of our cities we are in. Here is what Chuck Kavanaugh the director of the Home Builders Association of Louisville had to say about us:

Granite America has been a very active member at the Home Builder’s Association of Louisville for nearly 10 years and in 2012 Granite America upgraded all of the bathroom countertops at the Association’s Offices to beautiful granite. They did a fine job!

Home Builders Association of Cincinnati
Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis
Home Builders Association of Lexington
Home Builders Association of Louisville
Marble Institute of America
Granite America BBB Business Review

Why we do it: We want to make the experience of getting granite countertops one of the best remodeling experience you will have.

What we do: We make beautiful granite countertops. We are in the countertop industry because we have sustainable competitive advantages in procuring granite.

How do we do it: We have local fabrication shops in all of our locations. All of our locations proudly display FULL SLABS of granite for viewing. We fabricate and install from our own shops so we can maintain quality in every process.

We understand customers and work by a set of core values to ensure you have an outstanding experience.   When comparing us to any of our competitors, you will see that we provide the best value to you.

Our Value Proposition – Customers Want 5 Things

1. Great Value

Price is very important to customers and we strive to be the lowest price in town when comparing  “apples to apples”. Our competitors have a lot of add on fees such as charging for every faucet hole. Our business model (such as direct procurement and no middlemen) lets us have the lowest overhead in which we pass the savings to you.

We also try to give you four (4) more reasons to buy from us.

2. Service

We provide the greatest service to anyone who walks in our door because we know that one happy customer will bring us 10 referrals.

3. Color Choices

We have a great selection and the best colors in town because we directly import our stone from the mine or quarry. We get slabs from over 37 countries including Brazil, India, Norway, South Africa, and Italy.

4. Turnaround Time

We deliver you one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. How? Since we have slabs on site and we have our own fabrication shops, we can use Just-In-Time and Buffer management in our operations. We also use state of the art water cutting technologies that helps speed and quality.

5. Quality

Fifteen Years + Constant Improvement to Quality = Delighted Customer

At each of our locations, we work to produce high quality granite countertops. We utilize the best tools and practices in the industry to fabricate each project. Customers can even see the fabrication process when they visit our facility as we do everything here. We love how we do it and love to show off some kitchens that are ready for install.

a. Seam Phantom  and b. Gorilla Grip Technology - Our seams are very tight because we use both Seam Phantom technology at our shop and gorilla grip technology at the job site.

Granite America African Fantasy Seam
Prada Gold Granite Seam


c. The Polish – We utilize the best edge polishing techniques in the industry.

d. Rodding – We put a metal rod under the set backs of sink and cooktop pieces for strength and to maintain the integrity of the stone.

e. Sealer – We apply highly recommended and industry leading long-term sealers during installation and installers will instruct you in the care and maintenance of your granite.