Our advantages make us different from our competitors.

1. Advanced Equipment

Our 20,000 sq ft location in Louisville, KY showcases our state of the art digital fabrication techniques. Granite America is now making countertops by robot: BACA Robo Sawjet and Northwood CNC Waterjet.  This, along with our Sasso Flat 62 Watersaw is the latest robotic technology in the region. This precision laser technology enables Granite America to be the most accurate and cost effective. All benefits are passed to our customers.

BACA Robo Sawjet

Northwood CNC waterjet


2. Pick your perfect slab

You get to pick your slab from our locations. Most of our competitors  have 4” x 4” samples for you to pick from. Granite is natural stone so colors and movement can change. Every “bundle” is different so it really important to know what you are getting. When you choose Granite America, you will be able to pick the color and slab in our facility. You will also get to “layout” on the slab you pick and no one lets you “layout” like the way we do! Pictures do not do the stones justice so it is a great advantage to see the full slab.

3. Layout your kitchen on the slab

You get to lay your kitchen on to your slab before its cut! Some of our better competitors let you pick a slab. We go further! There are parts of a slab that are better than others. We want you to capture the best parts of the slabs so you can design your kitchen where the most interesting parts are in the focal points of your room. Take a look at the picture below: With the help of our interior designers or sales professionals, we were able to capture to vein in the center of the island. We help highlight the best parts.

4. No Middlemen = One Stop Shop

Granite America does not outsource any procurement or fabrication. Many of our competitors deal with separate distributors, fabricators and installers. Therefore, their business model creates significant unneeded markups to cover everyone’s profit in their chain. Our model decreases markup.

5: Accountability

Here at Granite America we take full responsibility for all aspects of the project. We directly import our own stones and our fabricators and installers work for us so there is no uncertainty as the quality of work you will get. Our fabricators and installers are artists and they take great pride in their work to make sure your kitchen is the masterpiece you deserve.

One of the biggest problems in a remodeling is that the industry is dominated by craftsman (let’s call him Joe) with small one or two man crews. Sometimes you can have a good experience, and sometimes it can be a disaster. He can be the single point of failure.

Granite America is full of craftsman. We are an established business with rules and processes which prevents single points of failures. This established organization, with our business model, can fix problems rather quickly. Rather than trying to acquire another slab from somewhere else which can take days, we go out into our yard and make it quickly.

6. Price before Cutting = No Surprises

We finalize the price, stone, edge, sinks, during the “layout” process which allows our customers a period of flexibility. After templating you come back to our location to complete the personalization of your experience. You will know exactly how much you owe us before installation, so you don’t get “surprises” on your bill after the job is done.

7. Niche Product = Quality Assurance

We do not do everything! We do one thing, and we do it really well. We spend 99% of our time making counter tops. We take pride in every step of your project. We believe in constant communication and attention to detail.  We provide an experience that is enjoyable and hope you will share your experience with everyone you know while showing off your “one of a kind” stone countertop.

8. No Prefab Material with lots of seams

Some of our competitors install countertops with 5 seams! Some companies sell prefabricated material. This is very similar to the blanks of laminate found at a big box store. We carry full slabs to choose from and can accommodate kitchens of any size.

9: Choice in Materials

We will help you pick the material best for your job. We sell mostly stone that is 3cm (inch and quarter) in thickness. Some of our competitors sell thinner material, which is not strong enough for a countertop.  We will guide you on what material and thickness to use on your project. We carry Granite, Quartzite, and Quartz product.

10: Design and Professional Expertise

We have designers or sales associates at our locations to help you pick your color. We keep thousands of slabs on hand. Come prepared with a cabinet drawer or paint splotches as it will help us help you. Its also great to also bring a picture of your kitchen so our designers or associates can see a total view of how your kitchen or project.