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Granite America's Unique Proven Advantages Create The Ultimate Buyer's Journey

Is It Worth Getting Granite Countertops? We’ll show you why it’s not an impulse buy, but a smart investment decision.

At Granite America, we have one job: to make buying a granite countertop the best possible remodeling experience for you.

But how do we do that?  Here are 10 ways:

1. We’re Directly Accountable to You

Here at Granite America, we take full responsibility for all aspects of the project. We directly import our own stone.   Our fabricators and installers work directly for us.  This means we directly control the high quality of work your granite countertop will receive. 

Our fabricators and installers are artists.  They take great pride in their work to make sure your countertop is the masterpiece you deserve.

One of the biggest problems in remodeling is that the industry is dominated by craftsmen with small one or two-man crews. Sometimes you can have a good experience, and sometimes it can be a disaster. That craftsman can be a single point of failure.

Granite America employs a full complement of craftsmen. We are an established business with clearly defined processes and procedures that prevent single points of failure. Our established organization, with our unique business model, fixes problems immediately.

2. Granite Countertop Design Ideas?  We’ve Got Loads!

We have designers and sales associates at each of our locations to help you pick your countertop color. We keep thousands of slabs on hand, so you can pick and choose while you’re in our showroom.

Bring a cabinet drawer or paint samples you prefer to help us help you.  Bring a picture of your kitchen so our designers or associates can see how you want to proceed.

3. How Our Granite Countertops Are Made.

Granite America is now making countertops by automation with the latest robotic technology in the region. Our precision laser technology makes Granite America the most accurate and cost-effective granite countertop manufacturer in the region. All of these benefits are passed through to our customers.

4. You Pick Your Perfect Granite Countertop Slab

Most of our competitors have 4” x 4” samples for you to pick from. Granite is a natural stone, so colors and movement can change. Every “bundle” is different so it really important to know what you are getting. When you choose Granite America, you will be able to pick the color and slab in our facility.  This leads to your layout...

5. How do you layout granite countertops?

You get to lay your kitchen on to your slab before its cut! Some of our competitors just let you pick a slab.

We go further!

What is granite templating?

Templating allows your fabricator to know the exact measurements of your new countertop.  This means your countertop fits your exact specifications, whether it’s your kitchen countertop, kitchen island, bathroom countertop, or any other surface in your home.

With the help of our interior designers and sales professionals, we capture the flowing vein in the center of your kitchen island. We highlight the best parts of the slab.

Granite America wants you to capture the best parts of the slabs, so your new kitchen countertop will dazzle your guests.

6. Granite America is a one-stop-shop.

Many of our competitors deal with separate distributors, fabricators, and installers.  Unlike them, we do not outsource any procurement or fabrication. Our business model gives you the highest possible quality at the lowest possible price.

7. We Price Before We Cut.

We finalize the price, stone, edge, and sinks during the layout process.  This gives you a period of flexibility.  After we initially template your countertop, you come back to our store to complete the personalization of your experience.

You will know the exact price of your granite countertop before installation.  There are no surprise additions to your bill.  Ever.

8. Our Only Product Means Quality Assurance

How many times have you heard, “We do everything!”?  And how many times have you believed it?

Granite America does one thing, to the highest possible standard.

We spend 99% of our time making granite countertops.

We take pride in every step of your project. We believe in constant communication and attention to detail.  We strive to give you an enjoyable buying experience.  We want you to gleam with happiness as you show off your one-of-a-kind granite countertop.

9. No Prefab Material With Seams

Some of our competitors install countertops with 5 seams.  Some companies sell prefabricated material. Many of these pieces are manufactured in bulk in China and India, with almost no quality control and even less oversight.

So, that stone can be thin and brittle... or might not even be stone at all!   It may just be granite or stone dust mixed with resin.

This is why we carry full slabs to choose from and can accommodate kitchens of any size.  Your granite countertop is tailor-made to your unique desire.

10. Choice in Materials

We help you pick the material best for your job. We sell stone that is 3cm (1.25 inches) thick. Some of our competitors sell thinner material that’s not strong enough for a countertop.  We will guide you on what material and thickness to use on your project. We not only carry granite but also quartzite and quartz products.

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