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Granite America Excels at Homearama

At Granite America, we take immense pride in our craftsmanship and the exceptional quality of our stone and quartz countertops. We are thrilled to share our recent experience working alongside Homes by Gerbus and participating in the prestigious Homearama event. Our team had the incredible opportunity to supply, manufacture, and install countertops in several key spaces within a beautiful home, creating stunning focal points that left a lasting impression. In this blog, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey and explore the captivating countertop installations that added a touch of elegance and sophistication to each room.

The Kitchen: Calacatta Laza

The heart of every home, the kitchen, deserved nothing less than a showstopper. We installed a breathtaking white quartz countertop with prominent grey veining, effortlessly blending contemporary style with timeless elegance. This striking combination elevated the space to new heights, offering a sleek and sophisticated ambiance where culinary creations come to life.

The Laundry Room: A Clean and Inviting Pure White Quartz Oasis

Productivity meets aesthetics in the office space, where we installed a pristine white quartz countertop. With its smooth surface and impeccable finish, this countertop complements the room’s clean lines and minimalist design. It provides a welcoming environment for creativity and concentration, ensuring that workdays are both productive and visually inspiring.

The Bathroom: Statuario Brown Quartz Adds Tranquil Elegance

In one of the bathrooms, we opted for a white quartz countertop with subtle veining, creating a tranquil oasis where relaxation takes center stage. The delicate veining adds a touch of visual interest and serves as a gentle reminder of the beauty found in the details. This space exudes luxury, making every moment spent here a pampering experience.

The Bar: Dark Nero Marquina Quartz with White Veining

To infuse drama and sophistication into the bar, we selected a dark quartz countertop with striking white veining. This bold contrast draws the eye and becomes an instant conversation starter, adding a touch of opulence to these areas. The dark quartz exudes confidence, while the white veining adds a dynamic element, resulting in an irresistible combination of elegance and modernity.

Participating in Homearama alongside Homes by Gerbus was a remarkable experience for Granite America. Our dedication to delivering impeccable craftsmanship and exceptional products shone through in each space we worked on. From the kitchen to the bar, our countertops effortlessly elevated the aesthetics of the home, leaving an indelible mark on visitors and industry professionals alike. We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to showcase our expertise and contribute to this extraordinary event. To view more of our breathtaking installations, please visit our website or reach out to our team. We look forward to bringing your countertop dreams to life, just as we did for this exceptional home.

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