Our Granite Installation Process

If you want countertops that are Better! Faster! Cheaper!, then we are your company for your countertop needs.

1. Estimation and Pick Your Granite

Most people will bring a rough sketch of their kitchen to our facility OR take pictures of their kitchen and send it to us via email or text. With the sketch or pictures, we can calculate your sq.ft. of your project. We will use that Sq.Ft. to make you an estimated price for your countertop project.

When you visit your facility, you will see BIG SLABS of granites, quartz, marble, quartzites, dolomites, and soapstone. This means you can PICK YOUR COLOR from a true representation rather than a small sample.

2. Measuring Your Countertops

We send our own Measure Technician (also called Templator) to your home digitally measure your countertops. Most customers give us a deposit to hold their stone and schedule a template date.

Sometimes, you may have questions that can only be answered in your home. We can send our experienced Measure Technician to do a Quote Measure and answer any of your questions. After the Quote Measure, our customers usually come back to our facility to pick their stone and get final pricing from one of our Countertop Designers.

4. Approval Process (Layout)

Our customers love this step. This is where customers get the opportunity to come to our facility and pick the best areas of their stone for specific parts of the kitchen.

3. Installation

We send you professional installers to install your counter-tops. This happens usually 1 week after the Approval Process. We only hire quality people and train them to be the best installers in the industry.


Our Granite Installation Process is Designed to Fit Your Circumstances:

New Home Construction

We are open to work with any new builder or contractor. In 90% of all new home construction, the builder will tell you to go get your own counter-tops and give you an allowance. We work with your home builder, designer, and cabinet maker to provide you your dream kitchen. If there is a special design or special cut that needs to be made, we can do so at the time of the template (measure).

Waiting on New Cabinet Delivery

To make perfect pieces, we measure the counter-tops after your cabinets are installed. If you are getting new cabinets (no we don't do cabinets), you will give us the drawing with measurements but we send a templator when all cabinets are installed.

Working Family – Not available to visit during daytime

A lot of our customers are very busy during the weekday. They simply have no time to come in to our office to pick stone and or need a late appointment. We can help you by doing a lot of the process over email and telephone. You tell us what kind of stone you are looking for and we email you a few choices. Some customers do what is called a blind deposit to get the process started. We do our Layout step on Saturdays or after hours where you will finalize your stone, sink, edging, and pick where you want the pieces cut from your slab.

Don’t live in town when remodel is happening

You live in Texas but want granite fabricated and installed in your lake-house just outside of Lexington, KY? No problem. Again we use email to make decisions on many of the steps.

Need an ultra fast turnaround

Many of our customers need an ultra-fast turnaround for parties, gifts, insurance, or some other situation. For a fee we can provide this service where we install counter-tops with a very quick turnaround to meet your timeline.